We aim to:

  • Provide a supportive environment where our students can learn

  • Provide our students the tools to successfully navigate real world scenarios

  • Work with leaders in our communities to set up our students for success

Why we do it

In the United States, lack of basic financial literacy and money management skills spans generational, socioeconomic, and many other categories. The average household carries over $16,000 in credit card debt, while over half of the population has less than $1,000 stowed away in an emergency fund. Dozens of similarly shocking statistics reflect the grim reality of our personal finances.

A common refrain from many of those who find themselves in a perilous financial situation is that they were never taught sound financial habits. We are here to change this trend.

Whether pursuing higher education, joining the military, or entering the workforce directly, our students will be making important financial decisions soon, and many will do so with little to no sensible guidance. Foundation Finance Institute will help them set good financial habits from the outset.